it’s interesting how you were both here a year ago, and we were messing around at the thanksgiving dinner table. you were in a rush to finish your science homework, and she was watching glee up in her room.

it’s interesting how two years ago, we all were here. me, you, dad, her, mom. i miss those days.

i think it’s pretty sad how someone can influence another to make a choice that takes their life. 

it’s almost been a year since you passed away, and everyday you’re my motivation to do better. you always wanted me to exceed, and do more. i never did, but heeyyy, i have been lately and it’s all for you. :D 

i love and miss you, both of you, all three of you. <3 

it’s interesting because when i met you, i didn’t know i would fall in love with you. i didn’t know that falling in love with you meant i’d constantly feel stupid. it’s also really interesting how much you SAY you want me to stay here, but honestly, if I left you wouldn’t even care/notice because you’re soo busy. it’s funny because i never thought you’d be the judgmental type, the type to only hang out with someone because they’re asian? it’s like you’re trying really hard to fit in with them. me < your group of korean friends (even though you’re viet, you’re not even korean??) plus, they’re all super judgmental too. i know you’re going to completely leave me for them sooner or later, so I don’t know why the fuck I’m still here?? the simplest things you do can make me feel like crap. 

i really just wish i never met you 

i think if i went along with this, it’d just kill me, i’d be happier, but it’d kill me everyday 

kill me